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No matter how you've been injured, we can help.


If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to a number of different benefits relating to your lost income, medical expenses and rehab needs (Accident Benefits).  Accessing Accident Benefits can be difficult and time consuming.  Allow us to help.  We will maximize the benefits you have available to you so that you can focus on your recovery.  


If the collision was not your fault, you may be entitled to even more by way of compensation. Contact us.  We would be pleased to speak to you to determine whether you are able to start a tort lawsuit to gain compensation for your pain and suffering.   


If you have been injured at work, navigating the system can feel overwhelming.  You have been told you cannot sue anyone.  You have been told that your claim has to go through the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB).  Your employer is demanding that you return to work.  WSIB is pressuring you to do so as well.  


But you don't feel ready.  Your doctor doesn't think you're ready either.  What do you do?  The answer is simple.  Call us.  Our firm has always been committed to assisting injured workers.  We will guide you through the system, request benefits, appeal negative decisions and represent you in court at WSIB or WSIAT.


Long Term Disability may be available to you if you have sustained an injury, or have an illness, that prevents you from working.  The key question is whether you have access to private insurance / long term disability, through work or a private plan.  If you do, we would be pleased to assist with the application process as you may be entitled to monthly disability benefits. 


Nicolini Law Group is also able to appeal decisions to deny you access to those benefits.  Remember, you have a right to those benefits so long as you are unable to work.  Contact us and we can advise how you can access those benefits.  

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Those who are so injured that they are unable to return to any type of employment make have access to Canada Pension Plan Disability (CPP-D) benefits, which are provided by the Federal government.  


Whether you qualify often depends on when you were injured and how much you earned.  Contact us and we would be pleased to advise whether you may be eligible for CPP-D benefits.  Our firm can assist in applying for the benefits or appealing negative decisions and representing you at any necessary hearings.


Slip-and-fall accidents may seem like minor incidents at first, but such accidents can result in significant injuries, some of which may require medical attention.


If you or someone you love slipped, tripped or fell and suffered serious injury, you may be eligible to make a premises liability claim. 


Make sure to contact us as soon as it happens, however, as there may be notice or limitation periods that apply.


Has your employer terminated you without cause?  Have they let you go after you suffered an injury?  Have they changed the terms of your employment so that your job is completely different or you earn less money?  Are they trying to force you out?


If so, you may be eligible to compensation from your employer.  Nicolini Law Group routinely assists clients who have encountered the above situations and seeks to secure the compensation they are entitled to at law.  


Ask us.

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