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Loving husband and father of four


Has appeared in every level of court in Ontario and a number of Tribunals

Represents the injured in all venues including in court or in hearings against WSIB or CPP


at Osgoode Hall Law School


of Nicolini Law Group

Began his career defending insurance companies.  Now is singularly devoted to fighting for the injured


Associate Lawyer

Carlyle is an associate with the Nicolini Law Group who received his call to the bar in January of 2018.  He obtained his Bachelor of Sport Management degree from Brock University before receiving his law degree from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom.  Upon his return to Canada, Carlyle completed the Internationally Trained Foreign Lawyers Program at the University of Toronto, received his National Committee on Accreditation certification and interned in house with a Fortune 500 Company as part of their legal department.  


In determining a scope of practice to specialize and focus in, Carlyle was drawn to civil litigation, particularly plaintiff personal injury, where he could represent the rights of injured victims.  Carlyle articled at a reputable personal injury firm in Toronto and started his legal career post call there before making the move to the Nicolini Law Group in 2019.  It is through teamwork, research, integrity and relationship building that Carlyle shines in his ongoing  commitment to advocate for his clients.

Senior Law Clerk

Micah Leslie is a Senior Law Clerk who began working with Nicolini Law Group from its outset.  She specializes in assisting the victims of motor vehicle accidents and slip and falls who have suffered traumatic brain injuries and extensive orthopaedic injuries. She also plays an integral role in preparing files for all stages in the Tort litigation process including assessments, mediations, pre-trials and trials.   


With almost a decade of experience, Micah Leslie leads a team of clerks and support staff in our Tort department. In her spare time, Micah Leslie enjoys island hopping, cooking and competitive game nights with friends.

Senior Paralegal

Ashlyn is a licensed Senior Paralegal with Nicolini Law Group. Ashlyn obtained her Paralegal License in December 2015 and is in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario. In determining her area of practice, Ashlyn was drawn towards helping injured workers with their Workplace Compensation (WSIB) and Long-Term Disability Claims. Ashlyn strives to get the best and maximum result in all her client’s claims.


Ashlyn has a passion in advocating for injured workers before the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board in both oral and written hearing settings. She is devoted to her work and building a strong relationship with her clients. Ashlyn has always been transparent with her clients and enjoys making sure her clients understand the WSIB process and procedure.


Ashlyn leads a team of Paralegal’s and Law Clerks who are highly familiar with Workplace Compensation and Long-Term Disability claims. She and her team are consistently researching and learning to increase their knowledge, as new rules and legislations become available.


Finally, in her spare time Ashlyn enjoys travelling, hiking, volunteering for the County of Dufferin and spending time with her lovable and friendly dog, Howie.


Zerrin is a licensed Paralegal with the Law Society of Ontario and received her licence in March of 2018. Prior to that, Zerrin obtained her Bachelor in Human rights and Equity Studies degree from York University before receiving her Paralegal diploma from Seneca College. From her earliest days in the Paralegal program, Zerrin was drawn to the areas of law where she could focus on assisting the vulnerable.


With Zerrin’s passion for advocacy and justice, her practice is now dedicated to defending injured workers at the Workplace and Safety Insurance Board. She believes in teamwork, helping clients understand the process and procedure of their claim and fearlessly defending her clients’ interests.  Zerrin is actively involved in the Turkish community and assists that community in being aware of their rights when injured at work.  She loves spending time with her family, dog and enjoys to travel.


We have several administrative staff and other key members of our team that work tirelessly to help keep us at the top of our game.